Expandable/Retractrable GUI Panels

Hey guys, just a quick question, would be greateful for any pointers that anyone could provide. I noticed in the BabylonJS GUI Demo Babylon.js - GUI demo (babylonjs.com) there are two expandable/retractable UI panels (Camera’s and Control Panel). I have circled them in the screenshot below.

How would I go about implementing these, are they a part of the babylon.gui system? I havnt been able to find any source code for the linked demo, or any reference to this sort of thing in the docs. Many thanks.

This is only html and JS and is not part of the scene which probably explain you did not find it in there :slight_smile:

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Ah ok, thank you! I am pretty new to babylon and js/html to be honest, so I wasnt sure whether I was missing something!

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