Expanded features for sprite packed manager


I want to use packed spritesheet, I don’t need to use the sprite map, but I miss the features of the sprite packed manager, but the sprite map has these features, is it difficult to add an action with the rotated, trimmed, spriteSourceSize, sourceSize properties to the sprite packed manager? It would help a lot and I think not only for me


I’m not sure to understand your need :slight_smile: maybe create a repro in the playground?

Pinging @Pryme8 who created the sprite packed manager


For example, I have a json like this and I want to use the sprite described here, but I will get a rotated and cropped sprite because only the value frame is used when forming the sprite

"sprite": {
      "frame": {
        "x": 862,
        "y": 849,
        "w": 144,
        "h": 187
      "rotated": true,
      "trimmed": true,
      "spriteSourceSize": {
        "x": 13,
        "y": 18,
        "w": 144,
        "h": 187
      "sourceSize": {
        "w": 170,
        "h": 226

ok I let @Pryme8 comment then

I will have to dig up how to do it, but there is a way to make regular sprites worth with that. Let me see if can dig up the example, pretty loaded this second but I will follow up on this.

I cant find it, ill have to remake the example.

To do it you basically have to apply those calculations manually on your UV of your sprite plane. If I could find the conversation on github when we were working on the sprites and spriteMap stuff this was brought up and an example of how to do it was in a PG.