Experimental WebXR support has landed in Safari 🤯

They did this very quietly it seems! Surprised I missed it considering been needing this for years and always checking

@RaananW I hope you have an iPhone or can get one to start checking things out

So far it does not work, of course. If you want me to look into anything further, let me know.

Was trying this PG here from the immersive session BJS docs https://playground.babylonjs.com/#F41V6N#32


Seems very “apple”-y to me. You turn on augmented reality and immersive-ar sessions are not yet supported… :slight_smile:

I will ask the team to check this out as I happily don’t own an iPhone.

Thank you so much for the update!!!

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I’m tempted to start a Babylon Fund Me to get you one. I think it’s going to be important to keep bugs from cropping up between the two, knowing how browser APIs go and thinking about how getUserMedia evolved.

I sadly tend to agree. We’ll see how we can organize this. No Go-Fund-Me please! My name can be found in weird areas on the internet, I don’t want to add one more :wink:

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Here is a example of that, well more in features way this time. I tried updating to latest beta ( no change ) but some new options did appear.

Looks like iOS is going to get WebXR hand tracking support where chrome has not started yet. WebXR hand input module - Level 1 - Chrome Platform Status

Thats going to be fun feature though :slight_smile:

I just tried this out myself and…same…no luck. :frowning: Perhaps Apple just added the toggles. LOL

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navigator.xr is there but isSessionSupported says false for inline, immersive-vr and immersive-ar.

window.navigator.xr.requestSession("immersive-ar") returns some weird security error

Actually inline works on requestSession. Nothing happens on the device but there is console output.

Maybe its so quietly released because they are still working on it


Same for me :slight_smile:


looks like part of it it got added 6 days ago… hope we see in next build :crossed_fingers:


very interesting, thank you for this thread,
I was worried that webxr would only work for android and that iphones had zero support,
but according to your thread, if I understand it correctly, iOS webxr support is already being added, in beta, and may go mainstream in apple devices in a matter of months maybe? any forecast?
thank you :slight_smile: im specifically interested in AR within webxr

No, only proof positive they are at least (slowly) working on it somewhat recently. They got meh with fake flags that don’t do anything except make a tease XRSession

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got you, such a pity, I just tried a demo of image tracking in google chrome and it works incredibly well (activating the web xr incubation flag)

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Been waiting for this for years :_(


Thanks Apple for reminding me why I try to stay as far away from you as possible…

I was so glad when I found out how easily I could create a simple AR-experience using the Playground, happily sending the Html-file to people for testing! Only to be reminded, once again, that Apple is Apple. And that while I was naively thinking that my AR-experience was ready for the whole world, Apple decided to rain on my parade. And my only option now was to start using Babylon Native React or to pay expensive licenses for 8th Wall or Zappar for a hobby project… Babylon React Native is a big NO-GO since no one is going to download an app for this…

As so nicely put in an article i found:

"In the early days of phone-based AR, some brands experimented with dedicated apps to distribute their experiences. However, few if any consumers were willing to download yet another app just to be able to to see a movie character come alive in their living room.

“Every time you make someone click, you potentially lose 50% of your audience,” said Pretty Big Monster managing partner Jason Steinberg. The drop-off is exponentially higher when you force your audience to download and install an app. “For 95% of our clients, that’s a nonstarter,” Steinberg said.

So, anyone have any news on this topic? When will Apple release its users from the no WebXR jail?

Is there free open source solutions instead of 8th wall or Zappar?

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No Never GIFs | Tenor

Sorry. There is only one way to deal with this depression - humor.

Joke aside, apple seem to be thinking about allowing other browsers to run their own core (and not use safari only as a rendering engine). This will have the wonderful consequence of unlocking webxr, because google (and microsoft, and mozilla, and… well… everyone else?!) implement open web standards in their browsers. When will that happen? I sadly don’t know. But that would solve so many other issues…

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The biggest laugh of my life will be the day EU successfully forces Apple to stop abusing their position by limiting access to standard technology. If they also can make Tim Cook stand on his knees apologizing in the following iOS event, I’ll take one week of unpaid vacation only to have time to laugh enough.


let me know where the party’s at, I wanna join :slight_smile:


Will safari finally support webXR?


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Looks like it will :dancer:, at least for the Vision Pro. Not sure if it’ll work for iPhones as well though, since they have the html tag thing they mention in the same presentation for showing usd models.

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