WebXR Support on Apple device running Chrome?

I am an android user, but trying to get XR support on a limited number of iPhones. My understanding is that Safari still doesn’t support any sort of XR functionality… correct? Does Chrome on IPhones allow the use of Babylon in XR - notably AR functions (anchors, hitttest, planes, ext…)?

Tagging @RaananW but I wouldn’t expect much of Apple support :')

Chrome on iOS is (SADLY) using Safari as its rendering engine. So - no WebXR support until apple will decide they play nicely with an open standard.

Funny thing - safari actually HAS a flag to enable WebXR. I will give you 3 guesses what happens when you turn it on. Small hint, “WebXR is working wonderfully” is not the right answer.

Sorry if I sound a bit frustrated - I am waiting for them to enable WebXR for 3 years now :slight_smile:

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I feel your frustration, and I have been waiting that same three years. I was hopeful something had changed since I last looked into it that I did not hear about.

Guess I will reconsider the Modzilla XR App vs Native BJS vs not supporting iOS options again. I went into this project wanting to show what web can do on its own and so that may mean no iOS support. Thankfully, due to web rendering options like BJS, the need for for vendor locked app stores and traditional downloads for most games is rapidly becoming obsolete. Even traditional engines like Unity and Unreal now can do full web deployments. Sucks for Apple / Google revenue, but great from the perspective of liberating us all from vendor jail.