Babylon WEB -AR is not rendering in IOS - WebXR Viewe‪r‬

i am trying to render the samples from WebXR Augmented Reality Features | Babylon.js Documentation into WebXR viewer in iOS. All samples are showing white screen.

while try to debug, IsSessionSupportedAsync is provided immersive-ar is true.
After trying to get session mode using createDefaultXRExperienceAsync its not responding.

If anyone has any input, please share

const available = await BABYLON.WebXRSessionManager.IsSessionSupportedAsync(‘immersive-ar’);
if (!available) {
alert(‘immersive-ar WebXR session mode is not available in your browser.’);

    const xr = await scene.createDefaultXRExperienceAsync({
        uiOptions: {
            sessionMode: 'immersive-ar'
        optionalFeatures: true

The WebXR viewer uses an older version of the API (AFAIK), which might cause issues entering/using AR.

I have to honestly say i wouldn’t recommend using the WebXR viewer unless Mozilla decided to update it. The last version I know of was released almost a year ago. The API, the features, were all changed by now.

Until Apple will do us all a favor and support XR in their wonderful animal-observing browser iOS will have no true WebXR support. Babylon native might be something to look into, since it can provide you with WebXR runtime in an app.