Export animations from unity

Hi, I’m new to babylon and I need to import my fbx model. I’m using unity to do it(since blender messes up my model) by exporting the scene file and appending it to my babylon instance. And it works fine. But the animations doesn’t seem to be exported. Is there a way for me to export it? I do not want to use the loader for unity, since I just need the model and animations.


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Did you try the gltf exporter for untity ?

ping @kcoley for exporter helps.

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@JoeVN have you tried fbx2gltf ?

You can then import the glTF into your scene.


Yes, I tried it, but I need to be able to apply pbr materials and preview them. But gr8 sugestion. I am testing gltf exporters for unity.

Thank you guys.