Bake material into FBX exported from Unity

Hi everyone!
I’ve been working on a converter to make it simple to use assets from Unity in Babylon (which was the thing i struggled most with when getting started with Babylon).

I’ve got a drag and drop converter working here:

However, when exporting from Unity, the materials don’t get baked into the FBX. It just doesn’t seem like there’s an option to bake in the materials - so that they can be uploaded along with the rest of the FBX in a way that would be simple to use (other than asking the user to upload the FBX and also the material).

Any brilliant ideas / solutions to baking the material in on the FBX export from Unity?

Why not using the gltf export from Unity ? or @MackeyK24 s great tool ?

Might make things simpler

Hey! Well, i am looking for a super straight forward path from purchasing an asset in Unity asset store to using in Babylon (avoiding using/learning Unity). I’m wanting to capture the moment when you are really excited about Babylon- ready to jump in and start coding. But then, when you want to use some of the awesome assets you find, you get detoured for ages needing to also learn Unity and Blendr.

I watched Mackey’s video. Looks like an amazing tool, but didn’t seem like i could use it to export single assets? Is more like a scene exporter, yes? Please lemme know if wrong.

What gltf exporter are you referring to? I couldn’t find one that works with most recent version of Unity. Nothing in the unity store. Looked at this: GitHub - Plattar/gltf-exporter: Unity3D GLTF2 importer and exporter toolchain, but doesn’t seem to work anymore? At least doesn’t install an export menu as per the help file. This thread starting to converge with this one.. I thought these would be diff topics, but all coming back to same place.


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Hi @bigrig!
I am remaking our legacy Unity project to BabylonJS. We have dozens of buildings perfectly looking in Unity and I was in the same situation as you when I started back in July 2021. I exported all the models to fbx and opted for Blender + SimpleBake to bake the textures. It’s manual but at that time I couldn’t find any automated solution and I never searched for other solutions since then. It’s perfectly working for me so maybe you should give it a try too.