Export .babylon from Blender with build in textures


Cant find any information on how to export .babylon model from blender with build in material and texture. i know that sandbox.babylonjs.com can do this, but can i use maya or blender to get same model with build in resources?

You can use our exporters for that:
Exporters | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com)

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Thank you for reply but the question is how to Blender > export mesh and texture in same babylon file? UPD: “inline” option in blender plugin.

@JCPalmer might know the setting if there is one for this ?

Well, gone for 2 weeks. Got a really good refurbished gaming rig on return, Water cooled replacement CPU, the best i7, 8 core, that will fit in the board. Everything else is great.

Close to operational, but not got forum logon done yet. Answering the easiest via email: There is an “inline textures” check box in world custom properties. I think. Damn, forgot Blender.

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