Need help creating and exporting meshes

Hey all!

So, I’m starting off in Babylon and can use all the help I can get. I have been developing this link:

I have cleaned up the code and added an autonomous object to the demo just to see how I could build on it. Now though I’m up to creating meshes and changing meshes. I’m lost to be honest. I have Blender, and found a 3d model in Blender online which I’ve downloaded. When I go to export the 3d model from Blender however, it doesn’t work in place of the character in the demo.

It’s also worth asking about the accompanying .jpg file in the demo linked above to the .babylon file for the character mesh. I suspect it’s not a standard .jpg and has abnormal attributes to it which help it work with the .babylon character mesh. How do I create this .jpg-type file to use with another mesh?

Thanks, in advance!

Hello and welcome to the forum !!!

I am definitely the worst with art tools but there are some amazing people around that will definitely be able to help like @JCPalmer who develops the blender exporter or @PatrickRyan which is our own in house artist :slight_smile:

The character in the demo looks like one from Mixamo that uses the “Vincent” texture, can you provide a link to the one you are trying to use? Is it also from Mixamo?

I have that texture - it works fine.

Can you post your .blend file?

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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Correct, it is the “Vincent” texture. I am just learning about Mixamo as you’ve mentioned it.

The uploader wont take a .blend file… but if you go to you can download the end-of-video file which is the file I’m trying to use.

Regarding the accompanying .jpg file, yes, the Vincent mesh works fine (so I assume the .jpg does as well).

Zip it then try the uploader again…

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

It wont let me upload an attachment because I’m a new user.

you should be able to upload now :wink:

Not yet…

I got the file from the “end of video model”. It has not been UV unwrapped which is probably why you had problems with the “Vincent” texture.

I have not used Mixamo in a long while but you used to be able to get some free samples. If not you can also use MakeHuman (which is free) to create a character with a rig and textures.

[Edit] : Got the rigged model from the end of the second video now. Still not unwrapped but it has a rig. you will have to create your own texture for that model. You can’t just fit “Vincent” to it without a lot of work. The rig though does have a couple of IK bones which can be helpful when animating.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

Thanks for your prompt responses. As I’m just starting though, I only have more questions…

Is MakeHuman better than Blender (or is it a preference thing)? I’ve never heard if it.

Does MakeHuman work just as well with BabylonJS4?

Note: The “Vincent” texture itself worked fine, it was when I tried to change its “clothes” that I had a problem.

I had a thread at
Where people dropped some knowledge.