Export scene data to view

Any Idea on export/store the scene data (without downloading) to view it in another place dynamically.
Like If I click on Save button after some customization on scene, I want to load the customized character at another place

Here is my PG:

What do you mean by this ? Please, could you detail your use case as I am confused about how export without download would work in this case ?

After my customization done to the character in scene (like changing dress etc.,), I want to use this character scene data at other place on click on Save button.

Something Like this, here in the reference website, I change the clothes of a character and after clicking “Enter hub” I got the same customised character in preview without downloading.

Do you mean you want another copy of the character in the same scene? In which case you can use mesh.clone to create the copy.

Yeah something like that,
LIke making a copy of the total character and load it at other place

But I want to clone total scene (all meshes) and not able to get how to load total cloned scene

Can anyone help like showing cloned character the same beside by clicking on Save button?

If you want to load the character somewhere else, you should save it as a GLTF/GLB. We have the GLTF2Exporter class.