Export scene OBJExport exporting .txt not .obj

Hello i want to export models in my scene or the best would be export all scene. But when i use this code it exported .txt file and no .obj why? When i change .txt to .obj and import it into sandbox it works but the modeli lies and does not stand.


I believe it’s because

  1. the type you are using (a txt format type)
  1. when replacing with obj file type and you’re saying ‘the model lies instead of standing’, it sort of rings me a bell about left-handed vs right-handed. I can’t be sure with just this small script, but I’d say it’s likely that your axis are not set correctly (for the default left-handed of BJS). May be you would want to check on this?

But i had this type and i exported .obj few weeks ago :smiley:
2. How can i sex Axis?
Maybe question it is better to export .obj or .glb. Because i want add 3D models to my scene change them position then export it. And import this scene with right position oh models

There must by text/plain no? Becaause Blol is test type and OBJExport would export .obj no?

That could well be. Apologies, I haven’t tried this before. May be they changed something with the latest updates.

I suppose it depends on the original import of the model but glb is better handled in bjs.

And any idea how to make models standing? :smiley:

The thing is I do not use the scene viewer nor make exports from it so I can’t be sure for this part.
I have the feeling that by doing what you are doing you are exporting the model only without the scene and that the model which is originally left-handed gets rotated from BJS. But again, my assumption only.
May be ask someone who knows better about the scene viewer @labris May be you can kindly take a look and answer this?
As for rotating the axis of the model, this should be done in the 3D app you are using. Select from axis and rotate it. Generally, it’s the Z axis that should be set to -Z. But this also depends on how the mesh has been oriented originally.

okay thanks hope @labris will help

The first thing to try is to use GLBs

I did somethink like this but when i want to import it it import nothing, i trid sandbox too

first picture is export without models and second is exported human skeleton but there is nothing to see.

i want to export this for example