ExtrasAsMetadata Bug

Hello guys,

I just upgraded my bjs app to beta-11. I noticed that the extension “ExtrasAsMetadata” is not working for meshes with armatures. So the metadata.gltf only has the “pointers” object but the “extras” one is missing. I checked the versions and it seems to happen for beta-8 and above. Beta-7 and everything below is working fine.


@samevision could you share the file ? I can not find it anymore.

I created a pg. This works fine until beta-7: Babylon.js Playground

Oh I see, it is now on the “Cube” transform node when you have a skeleton http://localhost:1338/Playground/index-local.html?#FP6PPU#1 which is not part of the result list.

@bghgary changed this recently, and might have a look ?

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Fixed in this PR: Fix gltf extras with new skinning pattern by bghgary · Pull Request #12124 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

Sorry for the troubles!


You don’t have to apologize. I am very grateful for all your efforts!