Fabricjs Coordinate convert Babylonjs Coordinate

Hello, I want to transfer the coordinates from fabricjs to babylonjs, but I don’t know how to convert the coordinates. Fabricjs is a 2D system. Babylonjs is a 3D system. Sorry for not giving PG. Can you help me?

Hi @farukcelim,
converting from 2D to 3D can either be very trivial (x → x, y ->y, z = 0) or very complex, depending on your use case. And your models, and your assets, and the experience you are looking for.
TBH - I am not sure how we can help with that without a lot more information. But maybe someone has some experience and can provide some input

In addition to what Raanan said, you could also use #service-offers-and-requests to contract a developer to do that for you. :slight_smile:

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