Face missing from cloned GLB meshes?

Hi there.
I’m getting some strange results when cloning. But can’t repro in a PG. Am hoping someone can suggest what may be wrong by looking at the screenshot? Clone on left. Original mesh on right. The clone seems to be missing the face facing the camera…?

Here’s my PG:
Same sequence there, but everything seems to work fine in the PG. So must be some global setting or something with the material maybe?

Ah… I guess that’s backface culling turned on…
Not sure how it got turned on… gonna try turning it off.

With gltf you need to clone the hierarchy from the node called __root or it won t work properly due to the scene handedness.

Maybe AssetContainer would be easier in your case.

Oh, I see…
So opposite of instancing? Do I have this right?

I’m writing a function:

  • if each mesh copy needs a unique material: CLONE it
  • if each mesh copy can share a material: INSTANCE it

So, for the clone, I need to clone the whole root hierarchy.

And for instancing, I need to merge all meshes and take out of the hierarchy?

Is that right?

Instancing will do only one mesh and conserve the parenting info so no hierarchy here but clone can do hierarchy.

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Mainly because hierarchy means several draw calls and instance is all of it in one only.

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