Facebook instant game api application inquiry

Using babylon.js, I am making a web-based 3D game for the first time.
Now I am trying to apply facebook instant game api.
I look at the ‘BabylonJS and Instant Games’ section of babylon.js and try to apply it, but an error occurs and it does not proceed.
According to the document, it seems that ‘SIMON3D’, an example project, is provided, but it cannot be downloaded.
It seems that the file has been deleted.

If anyone has an example file, could you please send it to me?
Or is there a project for instant game api that I can refer to?

Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Can you share the page you found this simon3d game? maybe we can find the source for you.

** Edit **

Found the page, Temechon has removed the repository for some reason. But the page itself is describing the process. is the documentation not enough?

some of that is still available in caches:
simon3d/index.html at master · Temechon/simon3d · GitHub (bingj.com)

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RaananW & brianzinn

Thank you for answer.
I needed a sample project because I wanted to refer to the overall structure even for a small project, as I looked only at the short example source centered on essential functions.
Right now, I am trying to build my own structure and apply the FBInstant API. (We are troubleshooting CSP policy issues in Chrome browser.)

Thank you again for taking your valuable time to write a reply.

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