filterMembershipMask and filterCollideMask break on PhysicsShapeContainer with more than 1 child


I ran into the bug illustrated in this playground:

The issue occurs using the Havok Physics Plugin. I have not tested any of the other physics implementations.

When a PhysicsBody has a PhysicsShapeContainer with more than one child, the collideMask and membershipMask don’t work as expected. The bodies collide with other bodies that also use PhysicsShapeContainers, even when their masks say otherwise.

Collisions with simple colliders (non composite) still seem to work as expected.

Is this a bug, or am I using the PhysicsShapeContainer wrong?

Hi @erikhoj and welcome to the forum
I didn’t see anything striking in the code. Is there a different api setting for container shape and filter @eoin ?

Yes, that’s a bug (nice catch, thanks!) Will get this fixed in a package update soon.