Fire shooting game

fighiting fire
guns ammunition

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Hi and a warm welcome to the Community,

Could you be a bit more precise towards your request? In essence, the Feature requests category is to ask the Team to add ‘a feature’ (or at least discuss about a possible ‘feature’). Here read: method, component or parameter.

What you are asking here seems to me like being the result of a programmed function (using the above). I don’t think it’s the mean of BJS to implement ready-to-use scripts to perform this.

However, and incl. in this forum, you might find ‘a base’ you can use, that’s been created by other members (i.e. for the handling of inventory/ammo). I’m also not sure what you mean when saying ‘fighting fire’… May be some language issue here (fair enough, english is also not my language :zipper_mouth_face:)… or may be you should try explain a bit further?

I hope you don’t mind me moving your post to the category of Questions . As I said, in order to request a feature, you would first need to be more precise and state a request that can be implemented in the framework. As of just now, the conditions are not met. Also, posting a question, you will likely have more views and more replies from member that are experienced with FPS. And we are very much into sharing our experience :innocent: :grin:, …so I hope someone will be able to give you some clues and a path to follow :smiley:

Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying your time with BJS and I shall wish you a great day :sunglasses:

This thread has a lot of examples - FPS Game Shooting Weapon Interface