Firefox camera inertia bug

If you set the camera inertia to 0, the camera will become extremely slow, and jumpy (compared to Chrome). I’ve tried overcoming this by tweaking the camera’s angular sensibility, which helps the speed, but it’s very jumpy still.

Here’s an example:

If you test that playground in Chrome and Firefox, you will see what I mean.

I don’t see any difference with Chrome and Firefox on my side.

However, you should remove the console.log done each frame, it could have something to do with your problem.

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Right, any additional pre or post processing only helps replicate the issue. As the processes become more and more expensive, the problem appears more and more. I was hoping to replicate it in a Playground.

If you want my real example, try moving around on Chrome and Firefox on my game: Morterra

You will see how drastically worse it is.

It’s the fps that is worst in Firefox than in Chrome: in Chrome I’m at 60fps nearly all the time, whereas in Firefox I’m often at 30 and it varies depending where I am on the map. So that makes the game stutters a bit in Firefox.

Odd. Your camera doesn’t rotate slowly? Mine sits around 60 and 30fps as well, but the camera rotates extremely slowly.

No, as far as I can tell, it rotates like in Chrome.

That’s odd. I’ve tested it myself on multiple devices and had others test it with similar results. Also the only reason I know about this bug is the amount of reports I’ve gotten on it, so it does exist for sure.

If anyone else is experiencing it and has some input, it would be greatly appreciated!

When i test there is a very small difference between chrome and firefox. Chrome is more fluid than firefox, but i guess this is mainly due to the way the browsers deal with user input and 3d rendering. I don’t see any drastic differences.