Firing particles in a specific direction

I have a cannon mesh, which rotates to look a target point, I want to fire particles out of the end of the cannon barrel, but I can’t seem to work out how to make the particles go the right way.

I have placed a sphere mesh at the end of the barrel with the cannon as its parent so that it will move with the cannon, and I am using that as the emitter for my particle system.

How do I go about configuring the system to shoot particles out of the cannon barrel no matter which way it is pointing? I have tried rotating the mesh so that it faces out from the cannon, and upping the min and max emit power, but the particles don’t seem to go in the right direction, (they seem to mostly go up, even though I have set gravity to 0)

Turns out I was using a cone emitter, turning that off allowed me to rotate it fine, can a cone emitter not be rotated?

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If you create a PG it helps people try different solutions. :slight_smile:

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