Particlesystem emit

how can i emit particles along the inner wall of the cone? and i want to implement particle move along the cone to accomplish speed line

The doc with all the details is available here:

You can use radiusRange = 0 to only emit from the surface:


ok,than you ,my goal is to have him rotate in the same direction as he moves

this is picture

Ok, so I’m not the greatest expert on this but I can already tell you a couple of things.

  1. Your rain picture to be used as a particle texture will never work as such
  2. If you want an effect of animated lines strictly moving along your cone (and your cone only) then choosing the use of particles might not be the best choice (in terms of handling and performance).
  3. You need to look at the particle texture as sprites. The main problem you are having is that these sprites always show facing the camera, not being angled towards the object, right?

I quickly did this PG, with a small number of options for particles. May be helps you better understand the various issues:

I’m not saying it’s impossible to make a line going alongside your (animated) emitter object (In fact, I did it before but somehow I seem unable to redo just now :smirk: but then, by any means, what I do remember is that it’s also pushing a lot of particles, playing with the emit rate vs lifetime and in the end soaks up a lot of resources.

So, in short, I believe I have already seen examples using shaders or node materials that could match your needs (although I’m not all too sure what your needs are :wink:). If I can find some, I’ll try post’em here.

Else, I hope someone will (instantly) find the matching answer for your issue.

And then, If you have a mock-up of the final result you are looking for, I believe it would help pointing you in the best direction…

thank you very much