Particles in space?

This is probably a long shot…

I have a spaceship with “thrusters” on it that emit particles:

The particle emitters are set to emit directly backward (to the left in the image). But the particles appear to come out diagonally because the ship is moving upward. That’s actually correct if the ship were moving through an atmosphere, for example… but in space, they would just move straight backward out of the thruster.

My first thought was to set the particles to “local” but that also doesn’t work. If I do that, then the particles rotate whenever the ship rotates, which isn’t right.

I think what I need is a way to add the ship’s velocity vector to each individual particle’s velocity. I tried looking at updateFunction() but it’s extremely complex and I’m not sure how to change it.

Any help would be appreciated!

The direction attribute of -1000 is, very much from memory now, to give the particles sufficient velocity so they don’t get affected by the movement of the mesh they are attached to.

Certainly worth playing with.

sorry, i deleted my post that referred to your thread out of habit - i should stop doing that! :slight_smile:

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