FM3D | science communication // virtual showroom

Dear BJS-Forum,

after asking a lot of questions here I can finally present the result :slight_smile:

Forschungsfabrik Mikroelektronik Deutschland (FMD) is a German microelectronic-research-hub consisting of 13 different institutes.

We developed a virtual showroom for them, using Wordpress and a custom-made plugin for (3d-)content-management.

You can find the launch-trailer here: → Trailer FMD.insight − der interaktive 3D-Showroom der Forschungsfabrik Mikroelektronik Deutschland - YouTube

Here is the showroom: → Der virtuelle Showroom der Forschungsfabrik Mikroelektronik Deutschland | FM3D
(One can change the texture-quality via the settings)

The controls are like every other FPS :slight_smile:

There are still a few textures, that need optimizing and I still have a ton of questions, but for now I’m very exited about what you guys will say… :slight_smile:

Next stop: VR :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the help!



WOW that is super nice! I love the “paper” style, especially the human models full of paper wrinkles. Looks super sleek :smiley:

@PirateJC look at this!


This is beautiful!

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this makes me feel winter

train is disappears It doesn’t look like “alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh = true;”

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@fab are you on twitter? I’d love to throw some support towards this from the official Babylon account.

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Thanks you guys! Glad you like it!

@carolhmj Yeah, I also like the clay render a lot! We did a small video for FMD in the same style a while back and then we just had to also use it for the virtual fair :slight_smile:

@11128 I’m afraid I’m not quite sure what you mean…

@PirateJC WOW! Quite the honor, thank you! We are “on” twitter, but not really using it…
the Customer is way more active… :slight_smile:


Here we go!!!


I just talk about the seasons and I love the snow.
Don’t be afraid I was just excited to see this

So the meaning of the following, the train fade away will probably be solved when “alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh = true” is applied

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Is it just me or is your elevator looking very much the same the ones I’m building in my ‘space museum’ scene in preparation?

I’m glad my architecture has become a source of inspiration for you. :grin: In fact, many parts of this project are similar to what I’m building. I will also have hotspots like you, with things on display. Except mine should have a holographic look.

Jokes apart, congrats. Luv the clay render (I always liked it, since MirrorEdge). A very nice project, I luv it. :heart_eyes:

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@PirateJC NICE! Thanks a lot! We put the babylon logo into the credits (menu → credits) hope, that is okay for you fine Babylon folks?

Also: I loved your pirate-fortress-tutorials! :slight_smile: Learned a lot about Babylon animations this way. Thanks for them as well! :slight_smile:

@11128 I do not know, what you mean by fade away of the monorail… I encountered some weird behavior there. For some #*§$&%ing reason I couldn’t get onAnimationGroupEndObservable to trigger, so I started the animation as a loop, used onAnimationGroupLoopObservable then unlooped it, paused it and restarted it again. I know, kinda hacky, but the deadline was coming closer fast :smiley: Thanks thought, I will have a look at your tip, maybe it will fix the issue.

@mawa please, the elevators look nothing alike! :wink: Ours is inspired by this here elevator (, yours look more like this Futurama inter-city-traveling-tubes (Which I like. A lot!:slight_smile:

When you’re working on something similar, have you tried out our beaming-functionality? You can press the m-key for the map (and then klick on a room on the map) or you can press the Search-Icon in the menu (or f-key) and then type something like “quant” and teleport to the different exhibits. In the testing people seam to like it…

Is there a link where one can have a look?

Thanks again for all the support, I’m sure this won’t be our last Babylon project! :slight_smile:

No, I haven’t tested that. Just had a quick move around it before launch. But this sounds awesome. I will have another look tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, one thing I noticed in terms of UX is that when moving with the mouse look I eventually often incidentally click on one of the numerous displays and it opens straight the pop-up. May be a double click on these displays would be better to experience the scene? Just a simple suggestion.

I haven’t yet posted a link for this project. It’s an early stage of dev. But I hope I will soon have made enough progress to start sharing a preview.

Again, you really did a fine job there.

I sure do hope so. We do need projectsof this quality to make BJS grow and also for inspiration.

took it for a spin , looks great well done, oh I happened to hold down the space bar and it made small jumps that kept landing lower than the ground and then I had clipped the geometry and if I used the move keys I then just went into free fall. I cant say it this is the case anywhere in the scene , i didnt test , I walked around outside , then inside , then outside again and it happen there , when testing the jump key, close to the blue car.


Of course! That’s totally ok to use the Babylon Logo! Thanks for doing that!

And thanks for the kind words about the tutorial vids! I’m super glad they were helpful!

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Yes and @fab, FYI, I experienced a similar (probably related issue) when using the elevator. After using the elevator and trying to walk out of it on floor 1, I did fall through the elevator ground.

I have now tried the ‘Beam me in, Scotty :wink:’ functionality and is real cool (and the map and icons design look real great, congrats).

I would have one small suggestion in terms of UX (if I can allow myself). Double-clicking or pressing ‘enter’ upon selection of an area should ALSO validate this choice. It doesn’t feel natural for me having to close the map to move this location to validate my new position.
Also, assigning escape ‘ESC’ to close the map (or any pop-up or setting screen) I believe would benefit the UX. My opinion only. Take it or leave it. No offense.

And then again, ‘Dieses Projekt is mega…auch vom Inhalt aller angezeigten Informationen:smiley:

Edit: OK, I do have a couple more comments. First the first person camera. When looking straight at a silhouette in the scene, it seems like the camera is located more at shoulders height than eyes heights. I also have this feeling of being a dwarf or a kid when moving in the scene, especially when passing though doors. May be the camera should be a bit higher? Next, trying to avoid my issue with the left-click for holding the mouse view, I switched to right click. So, I noticed that the right click has the same effect. Probably, one of these should not trigger the interaction with things on display (eventually in the setting, the user could choose to interact with either or even with an alternate key (i.e. ‘E’ or ‘F’ which are commonly used in games). Again, simple comments and suggestions.