FollowCamera, how to keep a predefined rotation?

Hello, “is it me you’re looking for?”
someone can give me a little help with the follow camera?
Well, I have a mesh and a follow camera. So, I set the camera like:
const camera = new FollowCamera(“camera”, new Vector3(0,5,-5), scene);
And after, I put a mesh on Vector3(0,0,5) (myMesh)
and after I make camera.lookedTarget = myMesh;

What I suppose to wait is, the camera NOT rotate to the position. For example, I put it looking to the positive Z, like above, but when I use camera.lookedTarget = myMesh; the camera goes to ahead of the myMesh staying in a positionZ ahead of myMesh and now looking for the negative Z.

So, how can I keep the rotation of follow camera and so it keep looking to the positive Z, without do the inverse when set lookedTarget?

I just recreate a properly camera for my game with the universal camera.

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