FollowCamera rotation inverted?

Hello All,

I am struggling to create a camera that follows my model orbiting/rotation. I started with a free camera, located just behind my model but when I parent the free camera it goes to the original location of the model (model was moved after the scene was loaded). It rotates fine following the model but positioned in the wrong place.

As I could not find a fix for it I decided to try using the FollowCamera instead. It kind of work… but the following rotation is inverted in relation to the model rotation. When the model (Arch) turns right the camera rotate around to the left.

code is in dropbox. post is not accepting the URL but target is at: /s/3lcp8huiv7texd2/"

Thanks in advance,

I gave up… now using a FreeCamera without parenting rotating/translating “manually” to follow the model rotation.

Hello, can you repro in the playground?

Anyway, calling camera.setParent(mesh) should work