Footwear and accesories online 3D viewer

After a couple of years learning Babylonjs and react for developing internal 3D web-based tools (with all sorts of user editing capabilities), I’ve participated in the development of a public 3D viewer for a collection of footwear and accesories for Zara. In this project I developed all the 3D related code and defined the workflow for preparing the 3D assets and materials to be shown properly in the viewer, and also did all of the animations:

Thanks to the BabylonJS team for this awesome framework :slight_smile:


w000000000t this is amazing !!! @PirateJC and @thomlucc


Awesome! Which tehnique do you use for animation - when you press on button?

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You can use CreateAndStartAnimation for animating the camera:

Just run it on pointer clicks.

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Thanks, great job again. I’ll try =)

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These are some snazzy viewers! :star_struck:
I especially like how the textures and animations on the sneaker look!


I really like how you made the water bottle. I have it open in Blender and trying to figure out how you did the “BOTELLA” mesh. I can’t work out how you did the textures, but I will look tomorrow. Would be great if you could do an article of your workflow for these 3d assets!