3D Apparel Store Launch w/ Babylon & Mixamo

@Deltakosh and all the great resources on this site helped me build this WebGL experience to support the launch of our new Apparel line. Couldn’t be more excited to have babylon.js in our toolkit!




Very nice slideshow!
Could you tell a bit more about how to achieve this?
(I mean not animation things but slideshow effect).

Excellent! adding @PirateJC @thomlucc FYI!!


@Justin_Schwinghamer will correct me if I’m wrong but I’d say the workflow was the following:

  • create the 3D models (that is the longest part!!!)
  • go to Mixamo, upload a model, rig it, choose the animations and download the animated models
  • combine the animations into one unique model
  • add the 3D model on the web page (start animation on mouse click)

You’ll find more details here with a low-poly character: Animating Characters | Babylon.js Documentation

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Very fancy!

@Justin_Schwinghamer this is so rad! I love it! What a cool/clever way to show off apparel!

I’d be more than happy to add this to the Babylon.js community page if that’s alright with you?

@PirateJC Please do! And thanks so much for your AnimationGroups video…it was instrumental in helping me get a handle on how to engineer our experience!



It’s live: https://www.babylonjs.com/community/

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