Snap-on tool chest configuration site rebuilt using Babylon

Just delivered today to the client. Development remains ongoing, but we’re calling this the 2.0 release after a complete ground-up rebuild from the old ThreeJS version.


Very professional looking! Did they talk about any mobile requirements, or happy with this being a desktop browser experience?

Mobile AR is under discussion.

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That would be a fun project. Hopefully you can show us progress during the journey.

nice one! I liked that clicking on all the doors and drawers had animations :wink:

That was one of the reasons for switching to Babylon. Being able to export animations from Max so that an artist could animate all the drawers. We were using the JD format for ThreeJS back then, and animating in code. GLBs enabled our artists to assume that responsibility instead.

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This looks great, congrats on the release !!! cc @PirateJC

Congratulations :partying_face: I keep opening and closing all the drawers haha

@brechindo ! Well done! This is seriously awesome!