Force Normals Function in the 3DS Max Exporter Default "Run" Scene?

I have been having an issue where my models are importing with backwards facing normals in my own scenes using a standard BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh or BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append methods.

No post processing is done on the meshes and this occurs in even the most basic scene.

However, the normal’s appear to be facing the “right” direction both in max, and in the “Export and Run” test scene.

Is there a normal force function used in the test scene of the exporter? I am curious to see how that scene file looks to see where I am messing this up. Can it be posted?



Can you share the code you use to load it?

The code used by the export and run is the sandbox and here is its code:


Turns out it was a bug in the nightly build I grabbed a few weeks back to work offline. I just got latest and things magically work great.

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