Normals reversed imported glTF

I’ve created a glTF model with Cinema 4D.
But the normals are reversed when I import it into BabylonJS.
Is there an easy way to invert the normals in Babylon?

Can you share the model? or even better a repro in the PG?

Did you try to load your model into Sandbox?

As for normals, you may try this (for specific material or all materials)
material.invertNormalMapX = true; material.invertNormalMapY = true;

Maybe there is another problem - reversed textures; in this case you may use texture.uScale = -1;

Would be easier if you recreate your problem in the Playground or at least share the model to have a look a it.

Thank you for your reply.

test model

This is the gltf. If I open it in sandbox it looks good (aside from the metallic look. But materials have to be adjusted.)

Here is the file when I import it and display like I Always do with babylon models.

Your solution for reversing the normals will be good enough. But would be nice if I can somehow import it differently.

Well, as for me, I never had any problems when exporting from C4D, usually everything seems correct.
There is the option in exporter - “Flip Z” - you may check how it works for you…

Here is Playground example with your model, seems OK…
(on photo with some roughness texture applied)

You also may notice that at your example in the file you are loading some textures which don’t exist (error 404).
pbrCardboad.albedoTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("assets/image.jpg", scene); and more.

thank you for your answers. Since the PG and sandbox work good it must be something different. And I found it!
I used:
as loader plugin. And that is inverting the model normals.
When I used:

it works as expected.

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