FOV behaving weird?

For some reason FOV is acting really weird. As far as I understand you should be able to set your fov smaller to “zoom in” and bigger to “zoom out”.

The behavior is really odd because if I set it to like 99-100 the image flips, but then 101 is ok. Likewise as you go smaller it flips and goes other wild things.

Pretty sure in the past I was able to animate between ranges to do a zoom effect, but now this seems to not work as expected.

Unless FOV is only able to be like 88.5 to 91.5 something seems to be wrong.

You should try in radians Babylon.js Playground it is in the Doc of FOV :slight_smile:

Bro why would you do things correct?

But what you are saying is just make it a radian?

<3 thank you btw.

As a rule of thumb, everything is in radians in babylon.js API

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