FPS Capping at 30 or 60 fps

I am wondering if we should cap our fps at 60. we don’t need our fps to be any higher for our game to look smooth this is especially true for websites. Also, there are many games that cap their fps at 30 or 60 fps. I have also noticed that there is no easy way of capping the fps in bablon js, is this because it is not recomended to cap the fps? is the engine optimized for varying fps?

The fps are already with a cap of 60 frames per second in Babylon. It seems to me that it depends on the requestAnimationFrame function of Javascript.

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As @Dad72 mentionned, fps is based of requestAnimationFrame so frequency max will be your screen refresh rate. We do not have a way to limit it per se but you could skip scene.render in your renderLopp if the time since last render has not been long enough.