Free 3D Studio built with BabylonJS!

Free 3D studio built with this great 3D platform BabylonJS, combined with Theatre-JS ( to build complex animations.

Binwa3D Features:

  • Free
  • Without any installation, run directly from browser
  • Support desktop and mobile
  • Run from any operating system
  • Realistic 3D effect i.e reflection texture, support PBR textures
  • Free 3D models for speed up your production
  • Create realistic 3D text using various fonts
  • Convert any 2D SVG file to 3D object
  • Support material from Web Camera video
  • Support material from video URL file (MP4, WebM, OGV)
  • Easy animate any object
  • Save screenshot as image file
  • Save animation to video (Webm)

Please visit to Binwa3D - Free 3D and Video Creator

Thanks To BabylobJS Team


Really cool @wahono_sri

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Nice work! :smiley:

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Quite impressive actually!

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Some tutorial videos about Binwa3D