Convert3D free tool using Babylon.js

Hi Everyone,

First post here, been lurking for a long time here ;-). Not really a developer, but we want to make use of Babylon.js sometime hopefully. Really like the vibe here!

I came across something that I wanted to share. Maybe you know this already, but is not only handy, it also makes use of Babylon.js (see Hello, Convert3D! - Convert3D)! Without uploading your 3D art.

Have not used it, but thought I should mention this here, since I did not see it come by yet.

I am not involved with Convert3D in any way, I do not know the people involved, just think it is a very handy tool and cleverly built (and free as well)!

Ciao, Ludo


Hey there, welcome abroad! :smiley: Glad you appreciate our vibes :sunglasses:
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, this is a very cool tool! Super handy indeed and powered by Babylon even better :slight_smile: @PirateJC @thomlucc @PatrickRyan


It’s really amazing :wave: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks for sharing @Ludocaro! This seems to be a very useful tool.

This is great !!! thanks a ton