FreeCamera Movement is busted in PGs?

Just go to the default scene and tap the arrow key forward or backwards.

Yup definitely looks like an issue but I can fortunately / or unfortunately not repro locally.

@PolygonalSun could you try as well to repro ?

@Pryme8 would be great to know the browser version you are using just in case.

@sebavan I am unable to repro it with Edge/Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

@Pryme8 does anything pop-up in the console?

nope, no errors and let me check Chrome version.

This just started today or yesterday I noticed.

Interesting and might be a fixed bug in 94

Could you try to update ?

Nope that did not fix it.

Unfortunately it looks related to your environment :frowning: as I tried without success on several machines. This is really strange

Weird. Yeah it does not do it on canary or Firefox for me.

It’s almost like the events are not all registering.

It might be worth throwing in a couple of event listeners for each of the key events and seeing if they trigger and maybe comparing it against what comes from scene.onKeyboardObservable.