FreeCamera with noRotationConstraint invert controls

Hi all,

I saw that a freecamera with noRotationConstraint actually invert the control.

Why is that?


!noRotationConstraint adds an angle limit on X. see :

I guess it’s for legacy reason.


sorry, I don’t understand your question

Here is the

Current camera.rotation is Math.PI, 0, 0 can watch a sphere, but the rotation.x is beyond the limit. What kind of camera rotation can see the sphere while the rotation.x is within the range?

There are an infinite number of camera orientation possible that will the sphere visible…depending on camera position.

Hi Cedric,

The current camera.rotation vector is <Math.PI, 0, 0>. Is it possible to have another rotation vector, and the camera then has the same rotation view as <Math.PI, 0, 0>, such as <3*Math.PI, 0, 0>? In addition, we require the rotation.x is within the range var limit = 1.570796;

depending on camera position, for a same target position, rotation will change :

Here, I moved the camera and reset the sphere as target. rotation.x is now closer to 0, within range.

limit = 1.570796 means you can’t turn more than half a circle around the object. so you can’t place the camera anywhere you want to see the object.

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