Full.html does not work on some playgrounds?

Im assuming it has to do with the


Might not be a bug… infact prolly is not but still does not work.

but an engine.enterFullscreen() does work.

The playground should work. I’ll look into that.

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also some playgrounds wont load from a facebook prepended link.

They add a bunch of garbage between the url and the hash code

oh wow, that was interesting :slight_smile:

here - this one works -


Good catch, bug found, I will take care of this soon. Just to quickly explain - the scene onReady observable only notifies (ATM…) when there is an executeWhenReady function registered. Thus the wonderful “fix”:

scene.executeWhenReady(() => false)

So, for now, this is the quick and dirty fix, but I promise a better one soon. either on babylon level or the playground level. haven’t decided yet. Probably babylon :slight_smile:


(please create an issue just in case we forget)

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