Fulldome support for planetarium

Hello, i searched about “fulldome” for planetarium use, but dont find anything in the documentation.

Is there any trick to create this effect on babylon.js ?

Of course, the dome is just a mesh that can be viewed from outside as well:

Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)

Incredible. Not expected that reducing the size could do the trick for photo and video.

However, my idea was to create a game inside a planetarium environment. Like buttons and 3d objects distorted inside the dome not just static image or video.

Like this:

Is there any way or planned for future release?

No, we are not planning on supporting such an effect, but you can see the source of what this developer did and adapt it to babylon.js:


You can also create half a sphere and project a render target texture on top of it. this texture will be the one that renders the entire scene. the render function might look a bit different if you want to keep the same structure, but all in all it is doable.

Thank you, i will try to adapt, then share with you.

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