Game Devs: What kind of demos/tutorials do you want to see?

So in many comments and responses I see for Babylon.js, I see many people who are curious about how to make a game. Where do you start? How do you accomplish X feature? How do you make X genre of game? Those are all common questions I’ve seen. My question for all of you is, what kind of demos or tutorials would you most like to see, with respect to game development in Babylon.js? Feel free to leave your thoughts as a reply to this thread.


It’s such a huge question, it takes so much to make a game. But I have some ideas :

  • How to control a character (third person) with and without physics in a fluid and complete way with animations
  • Everything related to the “game play”
  • How to create strong networks (Client-side programming).
  • Demo of different tool to create games (Terrain editor (I did this one), character editor, Cloth editor, level editor …)

These are just ideas, but there is so much more on the best ways of made.

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