What Tutorial Videos Should We Make?

Hey All,

If you haven’t already seen it, for the 4.0 release, we created a 10-part tutorial series on the new Inspector. The feedback on the videos was really positive and we’d like to make a bunch more tutorial videos in the future.

So this begs the question…what would you like to see? What types of videos should we look at creating? Let’s start a big list here in this thread!



For me the most intetesting would be how to get started with a local Playground.


Relevant Trigonometry…

  • Transform Matrix, Quaternion/Euler conversions, Distance, Angle, Alpha, Epsilon, etc…

Most used Mathematical Patterns in Babylon would be cool.


Also… How do BABYLON Custom Shaders work.

  • how to convert to GPU

Would it be possible to create something server related? Babylonjs server-side, multiplayer and stuff like that.

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“how to contribute”.jpeg
shaderz are cool too
server stuff is cool as well
how to forum



I am a Unity beginner/intermediate, and find it hard-confusing to manipulate imported 3d models. manipulate materials- textures, animate its properties. some kind of “3d imported Models Full Control” tutorial would be nice.

On the same note. BEst practices for scripting a game in babylon. maybe a tutorial of a full simple game? pacman, tetris, snake, bomberman.

An augmented reality tutorial would be also nice (this is why i came here). how to access the camera, place stuff, limitations-performance. I came here for the integration babylon - 8thwall, and to understand their example code i would need more understanding of the WEBXr class.


and one more … “best way to create GLTF/GLB animations”. Currently i do the 3d/animatiosn in Cinema4d and then I export the fbx to Maya. There I export as GLB with the babylon plugin. This last step takes a lot fo time. For a 7 mb- 75 frames-animation it took like 3-4 hours. If there is a better way(ot if babylon has any tool) would be cool to know


kudos to that!

A “First steps into BabylonJS” is a must-have I think (for example, Blender have a nice playlist for beginners).


I could do some shader tutorials maybe…


You should do a little series to add to your website like this http://programarcadegames.com/
but for shaders.

Some labs/ challenges would be cool too :smiley:

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if you want some basic stuff, prolly would be better as a video though.


yeah, i read through some of that. I say video it up :smiley:

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Well a lot of users disagree with you unfortunately. I receive a lot of asks for more videos


Well then a video about Playground and PBT is a good candidate then

Because they are not exclusive. We found that people like videos (I do too) and it is a great entry point to our content. Videos can be shared on social networks whereas PBT must be a link that people follow.

And don’t get me wrong, I agree that PBT are really cool. We just need to make sure people know them

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This is because I think videos are great. no more :slight_smile:
If someone wants to do more PBT this is cool! We are all free to do whatever we want. That’s the beauty of a community

My hope is that we will not be the only one to create content for babylonjs learning (actually this is not the case but you get my point). Contributing to the community can be done by answering questions, providing code or providing training / tutorials.

I do agree that videos are frozen in time and need to be updated. But in the other hand, they are the best way to have us (bjs community) visible to more people


but do Playground based tutorials kill the video star?