Game & Watch Parachute

Ok I did mention I would do another :wink:

This time instead of just a rough dump of prototype code , i made it neat using ES6 classes and uploaded to github. I used VUE as a wrapper just to make use of its already defined and functional babel and webpack , so I dont have to set that kinda stuff up.

I did not take time to do 2.5 reworked graphics , but I made good use of babylons great shading to make it look awesome.

Also did not spend time working out a great or accurate spawning system , you can just play a mame emulation for that.

anyway enjoy a quick game if you feel like it.




Fun, I love stuff like this.

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Ohhhhhhh this is so goood !!! I love retro gaming so this speaks to me a lot !!!

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oh gosh! I love it!!

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One tiny caveat: It does not work on mobile right? That sad because I would love to play it on my phone :smiley:

sorry , no i didnt put in any controls for mobile , i will look into it at some point, thanks :wink:

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It would be awesome for mobile if you could touch the buttons

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