Generate Immersive AI worlds in seconds and use them with BabylonJS

I agree with @mawa and @roland, i tried to generate a realistic image with only a sky and a forest in the background and i have no forest but trees everywhere and not in the background. :grin:

It is unusable now in a professional contest. But that’s the beginning of this kind of technology and I hope that it will be able to generate realistic images within the next few months.

Let’s keep hope !!!

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Yeah, well I noticed one thing. Depending on the ‘styling’ selected, parts of the prompt are respected or disregarded. Like I managed to create a wall of 64 pictures using the ‘Anime Art Style’. I got 64 images (portraits) in a sphere-like wall. Changing to any other ‘style’, I had no portraits at all or not 64 or not a wall-patchwork. It looks like the ‘styling’ goes beyond ‘style’ and sets some fancy rules I know the **** about to either account your constraints or simply disregard’em.

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check this out , its similar to text prompt, but you have a little more control.

3d models will come eventually:

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So dreamy cool… a pirat ship in the dessert

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I asked the Bing AI if there is a tool to generate a skybox out of an image.

SkyboxLab was recommended and this one Creating a Skybox – Spatial
which land me to this awesome multivers io :

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key: overgrow with peach trees

Well, I guess that’s one way to promote ‘your thing’. Certainly not the worst of’em :wink: Oh, how I just luv marketing :grin: I might still give a try to that tool, see what it does :thinking::face_with_monocle:

Oh, I sure am :innocent: I’ve just been with marketing excellence and CX for too long :grin: In fact, most of my kind at my age have already ‘cut the crap’ and have created their own ‘wellness center’, ‘color therapy’ or have started growing potatoes in their backyard. Yet I’m still standing… and I do BJS instead :sweat_smile: :crazy_face: :joy:

Es gibt keinen Grund, mit dem Sandkastenspielen aufzuhören, wenn es einem noch eine Menge Freude bereitet! :heart_eyes:
(There’s no reason to stop playing sandbox when it still gives you a lot of joy! :heart_eyes:)


That monna lisa sure looks better (younger and sexier :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) than the original. Let me put a like here just because of that :joy:

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Since it’s in a sphere - it’s not possible to situate the skybox so that it looks like it’s aligned to ground huh? I moved the sphere up, but it then is all distorted.

2nd question: there is a technique to turn off receiving light yea? The skybox is getting washed out by directional light.

Figured out that last part:

    StartBabylon.prototype.removeFromLight = function(payload) {
      this.mlog.log('StartBabylon-removeFromLight', {'payload.mesh_name':payload.mesh_name}, 6);
      let mesh = this.scene.getMeshByName(payload.mesh_name);

I think this might work for the first one Projected Ground Skybox - #38 by sebavan