Get vertex position of animated mesh

Hi, I’m trying to get the vertex position of an animated mesh while the animation is running. My PG is showing a static value, can anyone help ? Alternatively, point me to the corresponding doc/api will also do. Many thanks.

PG: Babylon.js Playground

The vertex data will forever stay the same (unless YOU change it deliberately :slight_smile: ) And it is not influenced by the transformation you are applied to your mesh. So I would always recommend against it.

If you want to know the position of the object you can use its position or getAbsolutePosition() function. But since this is an animated skeleton, you will want the position of its bones. This is a very naive example of how to use it - . There are of course much better ways :slight_smile:.

You can read more about bones and skeletons in the documentation :slight_smile:

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Awesome, I got it. Tada!