getScaleBoxes() not on BoundingBoxGizmo?

Hi All-

Not sure if this is an oversight or outdated docs-

I am hiding some of the controls on a BoundingBoxGizmo by setting properties on their meshes. In the playground getScaleBoxes() works fine for this purpose.

But when I try to do this in my app the property does not exist. I am using latest @babylonjs/core.

This monkey business seems to work but it’s nasty:

const boxes: BABYLON.AbstractMesh = (this.boundingBoxGizmo as any)._scaleBoxesParent.getChildMeshes();

Thoughts, anyone?



cc @Cedric

This is weird. I don’t see any reason why.
Did you check in babylon.js or babylon.max.js that getScaleBoxes is defined?

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I have been living in the past. I have been importing @babylonjs/core and updating the same and merrily plodding along thinking this was the latest and greatest.

When I import babylonjs I get a BoundingBoxGizmo that has this property. Unfortunately, this breaks babylonjs-hook. Will figure this piece out later.

Thank you, Cedric.