Getting error on parsing JSON data from particle editor

Hello guys,

i have created a particle system in playground editor and exported the JSON. I have two questions, how do I change particle texture path and why I am getting this error in Typescript

Object literal’s property ‘“customShader”’ implicitly has an ‘any’ type.


I think we will need a PG to be able to help.

Regarding the texture path, you have the textureName property that holds the path to the texture.

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Thanks for responding.

I am working with localhost. the JSON I exported from PG doesn’t have a property textureName. I changed the “url” to local asset path and also the “name” as well. I am assuming ParticleSystem.Parse will load the needed textures from that url or name. Am I doing it right?


It won’t work for localhost, you need to setup a web server so that external files (like texture) can be downloaded.

Try How to setup a local webserver for BabylonJs - Babylon.js Documentation or you can search this forum for instructions on how to setup a local web server.

Fair enough.

Can I Parse the properties and assign the particle texture manually?

Yes, or you can set the texture afterward, when the particle system has been created from the json.

In the json, the property is at the root level:

Awesome. Got it working. Thank you. :slight_smile: