JSON Particle files not reading some properties

I’m trying to make particles “grow” from birth to death, and also use local particles as opposed to world and having issues.

I’ve used the particle editor at editor.babylonjs.com to create particle systems, export the .JSON and then I load them with BABYLON.ParticleHelper.CreateAsync() and .clone() them in my project.

I’ve had to manually add “isLocal” and “finalSize” parameters to the JSON, and even tried manually setting these properties after cloning, but it seems to be ignoring isLocal and finalSize.

Having a hard time recreating this in the PG.

Any help would be appreciated.

They are serialized and Parse so it should work

We will need a repro in the PG to help find out what is happening
@julien-moreau FYI

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Hey @supershwa,
The particles editor of this Editor is working with the “ParticleSystemSet” class. That means you’ll have to use the “ParticleSystemSet.Parse” function to get it working.

Have you exported the JSON from the “Particles Editor”?

Or have you exported the JSON from the particle system inspector?