gitIgnore entire dist folder

I am having trouble getting my CLI to ignore changes files in the dist folder. Even after following the steps mentioned in:Start Contributing to Babylon.js - Babylon.js Documentation

Is there any detrimite to having the entire dist folder ignored by git?

yes because it is the folder used by our server so wee need to keep it

When I was running the commands:
git update-index --assume-unchanged “Playground/babylon.d.txt”
git update-index --assume-unchanged “dist/preview release/babylon.d.ts”

I was having some of them go through and others dropped an error that they were not able to be added.

Should I just go into the gitignore and add them manually?

My recommendation is to just revert them before doing a PR

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Gotcha, I kinda went through extra steps earlier trying to do that and afterwords realized I could have reverted my PR and then done it again just excluded the dist files from the PR.

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