Gizmo manager cannot be recreated

If I dispose of a gizmo manager, then try to recreate it again (constructing a new one), the new manager never appears.

Reproduction here:

Note I am using 4.2.1 - the latest alpha does not reproduce this issue (so maybe something needs to be back patched?)

oops hold fire I made a mistake in my repro, there is definitely something funky going on with disposals though

ok sorted, I’ll update the original post

Thanks a lot for the repro, you are correct it is all good in 5 and we can not back patched due to how big are the changes around Gizmos.

5 will be released real soon if that helps, maybe you could start using the RC versions ?

Okay understood, thanks for the quick response. For now there is a clean workaround by just not using the gizmo manager and using the individual gizmos directly, so that will work for us in the interim. Upgrading to 5 is on the cards at some point, but given the tradeoff between a simple workaround and potential upgrade woes I think we can separate these tasks. Cheers!

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