Gizmos is not working in Babylonjs 4.2

When I updated the babylonjs to 4.2 in my project, Gizmos is not working.
My project is based on angular. Do I need to update or install any other packages for gizmos?
Is the new gizmos in 4.2 have any other dependencies?
@sebavan @TheLeftover @JohnK

I see that new gizmos are working in Playground sample.

It should continue working :frowning: could you repro your issue in the playground ? It might be a behavior change impacting your usage so we would need to know more about the conditions creating the issue.



If I dispose the gizmo manager, its not working second time even though I create a new gizmo manager.

When I create 2 scenes, gizmo are rendered in second scene always, even though I pass scene to the gizmo manager while I am creating it.

This issues are with babylonjs 4.2.
I did not face this issues in babylonjs 4.1

Pinging @Cedric, the master of Gizmos!

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Let me check that :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay. I didn’t forget this issue, I’m just a bit busy ATM. I hope to get back working on it end of week or beginning of next week.


Finaly found time to take a look.

construction of gizmomanager changed a bit with the default utilitylayer being constructed when not provided.
To fix your issue, simply add a new utility layer with the intended scene.

Multi Scene Swapping with GUI | Babylon.js Playground

see line 75.

Concerning the 1st issue with the disposed gizmo manager, I could not repro. I tried to create a gizmo manager, dispose it and create a new one and it worked. What did I miss here ? @gopivell


Sorry @Cedric,
I have updated the wrong PG link above.
Kindly find the intended one.

When I use gizmo.attachToMesh(null); its working fine.
But if I use gizmo.dispose(); gizmo’s are not shown second time.

Thanks @Cedric

Same issue as before. You have to provide an UtilityLayer.

Gizmo Manager dispose | Babylon.js Playground

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