Gizmo, Multiview and SkyBox


[Edit] See the second problem, this one seems to correct after reversing the cameras

I have a problem that I don’t understand. When I create a normal scene everything works, I have the gizmo displayed. But as soon as I create several views, the camera’s Gizmo disappears and does not appear on any view. Then I try to display a Gizmo on an object and it appears on the second seen instead of the first.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a hiding bug ? I commented the code of the PG to explain what is happening

Thanks for your help.

If I reverse the camerasActive like this, it works.

But that added another problem to me. If I use a skybox, the second view is no longer displayed.

Even this PG with a skyBox (which prevents the second view)

See this same PG without the SkyBox (which works)

We can see the problem much better here when I create the skyBox after and not before

Adding @cedric to check it when he will be back!

Maybe I could find something to check

So maybe you could create a bug for me on Github?

Ok, I add this on GitHub


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Yes it works.

I didn’t know about :


Cool. Thanks DK

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