Gizmo not visible (occluded)

Hi all - any tips for making a gizmo come to front or get bigger than the mesh its attached to? It’s getting hidden within my meshes. Like so:
Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 10.18.52 PM

I can’t replicate in a PG though - When I make a PG with the same code it’s working fine. So not sure what’s wrong. Where would you look for something that may be impacting? Or what would you try to bring it to front?

Noting that bounding box gizmos are working fine. Its just resize, scale, and position that are getting hidden. Also, i notice than when i move the camera really far away, i can see them again.

Oh, actually, i can replicate in that PG, just by getting really close to the object with the camera. Get close enough and the Gizmo gets eaten up by the boulder.

Hi, I think because of this line

utilLayer.utilityLayerScene.autoClearDepthAndStencil = false;

my gosh, you’re right! so simple.
i thought that line was supposed to do exactly the opposite thing - so didnt even think about it. thanks so much.